Do you know that the top clicked button on our website is the sex addiction test? Apparently there’s quite a few people who wonder if they are addicted. So you know, here are the top 3 warning signs of sexual addiction:

1. You don’t think you are addicted.
2. You don’t talk about pornography with anyone.
3. You think you can handle it.

Do you have any of the warning signs? If so maybe you should take the test. Of course, if you are thinking about taking the test there is a good chance you already know the answer. Listen, just because you are addicted you don’t need to stay stuck that way.

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X3Pure offers an experience that’s:

Guilt Free: Beat the shame & guilt you experience
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We think It is and so do the many men and women who have used this course to change their life. Here’s what Chris has to say about X3pure:

“I am Chris and I currently have 234 consecutive days of recovery and sexual sobriety. This is the longest amount of time of sobriety I have had in over 20 years of dealing with sexual addiction. I derive my success from the principles that I learned going through the X3 Pure workshop. The 30 days I spent watching the videos and completing the workbook has provided me a better understand of sexual addiction and insight into my own actions of acting out and self-medicating with porn.  The workshop laid the foundation of my recovery. The workshop provided me valuable insights into sexual addiction, very practical steps to maintaining sexual sobriety, and ultimately beating this addiction. I don’t believe I would be celebrating 234 days sobriety if I had not taken the steps of getting serious about sexual sobriety and enrolled in the workshop.”

His story can be your story… Make it happen!

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