Here’s another great video from our archives.  This video was shot by a good friend of ours and is entirely true.  What you’ll see is a first hand account of what Joseph thought and went through the day he almost decided to take his life.  You see, porn addiction for many is a joke.  It’s something that is seen as normal and even for some healthy.  However, we know porn is damaging and often leads to a downward spiral of bad decisions and choices.   Decisions that can be extremely destructive especially when left unchecked due to a void in personal accountability.

When Joseph tell his story in person he still tears up.  The moments he experienced are forever burnt into his memory.  However, what is awesome about this video is that Joseph faced down his fears and the prospects of losing his marriage and got accountable.  He confessed his dark secret and committed to a life of purity and sobriety.  Jospeh still has his battles like we all do but he’s given himself the gift of accountability to help keep himself on track. Watch this video and ask yourself, could this happen to me?  After that, do some early Christmas “shopping” and give yourself the gift of accountabilty.