A miraculous weekend at the Vineyard
Church in Cincy. One story in particular rose to the top as the weekend
came to an end. Mike and I had just ended the 11:30 service when a
young came forward to accept Christ. What happened next we will never

Here is his story… in his words:

My name is eugene, for the last 7 years I have been an adult
website owner this past year I have developed severe depression and
anxiety attacks (the depression and anxiety has wrecked my physical
health)…My body aches all over my spirit feels completely crushed
under the weight of this blackness (sin)The majority of my anxiety
attacks I have occurred while ‘working’ at my desk (I no longer work
with porn). I have had two recent hospital stays for depression, one of
them for attempted suicide. I have developed this hatred towards myself
for the things I have done (I am not proud of who I have become), not
ever considering the amount of harm I have done to the thousands and
thousands of people who have visited and purchased items through my
websites or to the families that could have been or have been destroyed
because of my sin.

This past week I have accepted Jesus as my personal savior…. I
have deleted all of my porn sites (over 300,000 images and videos) I
prayed to God to give me guidance as to what to do with my domain urls
– he told me to point the way to salvation with my most popular
website. I am now redirecting traffic from one of my largest TGP sites
www.smutmut.com, with over 14,224 unique visitors every 3 weeks to
xxxchurch.com and have removed all other urls from my godaddy.com
account. These sites were how I made ends meet, as far as what I am
going to do now for money… I am not sure right now but I know this
much…God has a BIG plan for me.

Pornography is no longer an option for me I can honestly say
that pornography will ‘kill’ you emotionally spiritually and physically
in every sense of the word. It doesn’t matter if you are a consumer, a
producer or a porn actor…sooner or later the blackness will find you
and consume you. the following photo is a box full of all my ‘contacts’
(emails, phone numbers, website addresses… etc.) and about 300 cds
worth of adult content amounting to over 500,000 images and countless
video files..

Pornography addiction is a whole body illness.


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