Last weekend in Seattle, Ron Jeremy joined me on stage at church for all 4 church services. I like that fact that Ron calls me his friend and for the past 4 plus years we have gotten to spend quite a bit of time together. I believe the message of Jesus unites. It does not divide. He is an opponent on stage but off stage we are friends.

I hope you all all friends that don’t go to church, that don’t vote like you, that don’t talk like you and I hope you are able to have an influence on their life. The Bible is pretty simple. The greatest commandment is to love God and then love others.

Ron has never shared on stage at a church and I got to tell you I don’t know many people as brave as he is.

All over the news you heard these things all week.

The godfather of porn comes to God’s house.
Raunchy vs. The Righteous
Eastlake welcomes one of the greatest sinners of all time.

I joke because Ron tells people we are really the same. Me and Ron the same. Well, he says he has slept with 5,000 women and i have had sex with my wife 5,000 times so we are the same. I tend to disagree but maybe we are more alike then you think?

Is ron one of the greatest sinners of all time or am I ?

Watch this and be amazed. Download below or in iTunes.