Once a year we gather together and try and raise some money for the ministry. We do this by playing 100 holes of golf and none of us our golfers. Each of the staff have assembled a team and to be honest team El Clinto is struggling right now. Nothing would make El Clinto more excited then to see some other geeks out there trying to golf. If you would like to play or support Team Piety or Team Gross we welcome that as well. Brandon is providing free American Apparel shirts for his team.

Here is Clint’s plea for support.

If any of you have benefited from the ministry in any way via our X3watch software, Porn Sunday or any other X3 event or resources, then you know how important it is for this ministry to exist and continue.

The golf marathon for Fireproof Ministries will be here in about a month. May 5th to be exact, and if you recall last year’s Hackfest you know it is a ton of fun.

Alot of you ask me “How does XXXchurch get the money to do what it does?” Well, this is one of the top 3 ways, the others are selling merch and speaking dates. I’m asking all of you that are friends of the ministry, friends of me, friends of the family to chip in with some donations OR step it up a notch and commit to playing for TEAM EL CLINTO in the tournament.

If you want to play for TEAM EL CLINTO, I’ll send you a booklet to keep track of all the people donating. We’re playing 100 holes of golf in one day and The goal is to raise $25 a hole. You can start by sponsoring yourself at $1 a hole, that’s a $100 donation from yourself, then ask others to do the same. If that means getting 24 people to donate $1 per hole each, 5 people to donate $5 a hole, whatever… It’s up to you. You don’t have to collect the money. All you need is an address, phone or email from the person so we can contact them and collect. This is where those booklets will come in handy. ALSO, if you’re not living in the Grand Rapids area, we will fly you here, put you up and feed you.

/// If you can’t commit to playing on my team, but want to make a one time donation, click here, click new user and choose TEAM EL CLINTO from the drop down box when you donate.

/// If you want to play for TEAM EL CLINTO, hit me back with your mailing address and I’ll send you a booklet to get started. [email protected]

Remember, this is not about golf. This is about the ministry and on Monday, May 5th we will have a great time trying to play golf. There will be lots of prizes for everyone involved and just an all around good time.

Thanks for your time.
El Clinto (clint mcmanaman)