The last two years we have been out of the country from Thanksgiving. Two years back the team was in London for the Erotica show there. Last year a bunch of us were in Australia with the Red Frogs out at Schoolies.

This year will be nice to be in the country and actually have some turkey. Hope everyone has a great time with family and friends as we have so much to be thankful for. Most of us will have plenty of food to eat on Thursday. Some of us way to much.

The reality is so many people in other parts of the world have nothing to eat. We have worked with Compassion International for over ten years and believe so much in what they are doing. They link people like you and me up with children that are less fortunate. We send $38 dollars a month and the child you sponsor receives at least one meal a day, an education and an introduction to who Jesus is. I would encourage you to consider sponsoring a child this Thanksgiving. Find out more HERE.

Here are some holiday updates.

– The Jesus Loves You book is now available as a MP3 download from iTunes.

There is an amazing song that was recorded by Aaron Keyes and Ben Smith that you get when you download the audio book. You can also find it here in iTunes.

-The latest podcast that just went up on the site shows off the final stops of the Jesus Loves You tour. The Atlanta gay pride event and a few other things are uncovered in the podcast. Check that out on the site or in iTunes.

X3watch works on Snow Leopard, Windows 7 and soon for your iPhone. We have submitted to the Apple store and awaiting approval. Updates on the iPhone version will be posted HERE.

Enjoy Thanksgiving!