We have met a woman who has been in the sex industry for 15 years who wants out.   She wants out but this is what pays her rent & bills. She’s having a hard time finding another job without legit work history to put on a resume’. We’re committed to helping her but can only do so much from a distance and with what resources we have. We need the local church to step up. She needs tangible assistance. If you are in the Chicago area and can help with resources and or support please email  me (Michelle) directly at [email protected]   If you are able to help financially please make a donation here.   My desire in addition to sojourning closely with her myself is to get her into a local counseling program that can help her tackle some of the emotional trauma she has endured and help her to overcome her past and begin to walk in wholeness for perhaps the first time in her life.   Thank you for your prayers and whatever other assistance you can provide.