I am just about to board a plane out of Colorado back to Vegas. I was on a flight on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week. The week was so busy I had little time to really process the  loss of a friend until today really.

The celebration of Steve’s life was today. A life gone to soon. I got a chance to share at the service and decided to post what I shared on the site. Please pray for the Glisan family and if you would like to send a donation please send to the “Steve Glisan Memorial Fund at Integrity Bank in Colorado Springs”. The family will choose charities in line with Steve’s passions.


My name is Craig Gross and I had the great pleasure of knowing Steve for the past two years. We met here at this church sitting around a round table at a men’s breakfast I was leading.

Shortly after the event we talked a lot via email and he got involved in our ministry. We shot a video of Steve and Ann and their story, Steve started writing a men’s blog on our site and also spoke at some of our men’s and womens events.

It was with strong Passion and conviction that steve shared on our website. Over 200,000 people have watched their video online. Steve’s blogs for men were the most popular writings on our website. He not only wrote but he took the time to respond to the people who would leave comments.  He oftened addressed people as “Great Men and Women of God”.

Some of the comments that have come in after hearing the news about Steve on our website

Steve was role model for me. When i first saw his confession with his wife. Then i cried. I released how much he has gone thru. Then i thinked about my life.I was happy for the family he had. He was living proof of beating this addiction. He was inspiring person for me.

Prayers from Europe, Estonia.

Reading those posts have motivated me and taught me so much about battling my own addictions. It simply makes me sad that this man chose to end his life. I know that this man was able to change lives, especially through this website. I am thankful for all of the writing he did here. I will be praying for his family and all of those that will be affected by this. I know that there is so much confusion and sorrow, but I also know that God will use this to speak into other people’s lives.


Some of the things that I learned from Steve.

– He would do whatever he could to help others. In fact he posted this on our site
What I have found is, I gain strength from helping others.  Do any of you find the same thing?  I think it is God’s reward for serving.

-One day at a time. I think over the last few months Steve lost site of this but his advice he shared with others was always Just 24 hours a day, one day at at time.

Matthew 6:34
 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

I talked about our trip to Steamboat Springs. You can read about the trip HERE.

Steve wrote about the trip on our site and mentioned some thoughts about his son.

There was one more person who left me in awe of the power of God, my 13 year old son.  He spoke (for the first time) in front of this large group of men and shared the hurt and the pain I had caused in his short life…thank you son…I am sorry for this pain, but watching you use it to the glory of God left me thinking of one more scripture…

Mark 1:11 
And a voice came from heaven: “You are my son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.


Steve… You will be missed!