Our friend Jim hooked us up in Palm Springs, California back in 2003 when we installed our first ever XXXchurch.com billboard. He almost lost his job. Years later, he called us and told us that there are billboard vacancies all over the U.S that we could pick up really inexpensively. We found our first one.

It is on I-95 in South Carolina. The I-95 is the main highway for northeast traffic traveling to and from Florida. It is a 12’x40′ with lights.

By sheer numbers, the Interstate 95 Highway is the busiest, most well known, and arguably most important interstate highway in the USA.
60,000 cars a day drive by this billboard!

The I-95 is the main north-south land-based transportation corridor on the east coast of the United States. The I-95 is used by millions of people daily. Not only does the I-95 provide a convenient transportation corridor for the east coast, the highway also offers many great tourism opportunities, as the I-95 travels through or in close proximity to some of America’s greatest cities, attractions, scenic spots, historic sites, and beaches.

If you google Manning SC and zoom in on exit 115, it is about .5mi north of the exit. If you drive by and send a picture to [email protected] we will send the first 10 people a free gift from the XXXchurch store.

New Billboard

XXXchurch billboard