So… XXXchurch has found another great way for us to pull together as a community!

The link below takes you to Social Vibe, a social networking site with a twist… This site enables participants to support a charity through promoting sponsors and gaining points. We obviously would like to be recognized as a charity so that you can all support us but before we can do that we have to “recruit” 500 people… you guys!

Now, lets be honest… this is a bit of a game they are playing to get more people on their site but it’s also a really great thing for charitable causes and of course we want in on the action. (It’s also not porn-ed out like some of these other social networking sites!)

We believe that we can pull together as a community and make this happen!



Also, if you would like to know more here’s a link to their FAQs page. (But don’t forget to sign up via the above link!)

Thank you so much!

– Jon “the Intern”