X3watchMaybe you don’t know this, but YES, we do still have a free version of X3watch software for accountability! And YES, it’s free on on Android & iOS devices as well! However, you might want to think about upgrading to our Premium version anyway. It offers so many great new additional features. Please take a peek at the side-by-side comparison of our two offerings here.

For those of you who want to know more about our mobile products, here’s the scoop.

Currently for Android, our older version of X3watch is still up and working in the Google Play store. You can access it here. Understand  that this older version does not sync with the new X3watch Premium or the X3watch web app, but it still scans content and provides online accountability.

Also in the iTunes and App stores for iOS devices you have access to a version of X3watch that works both with a free account and a PREMIUM account. While there are some significant improvements coming for this version, the basic functionality of the software is operating while you surf the net through the X3watch browser.

Of course, the big question you may have is, “How does the new stuff work?” Good question.

The newer versions offer a ton of improvements over the previous platform, however,  there’s always room for growth.

Admittedly there have been some long delays in delivering the new versions of X3watch to iOS & Android devices. Our development teams have been working very hard to deliver the next versions of X3watch PREMIUM. These updates are being done so that we can deliver every bit of awesomeness you should expect from us. The journey has been very long, the challenges have been immense and along the way we have run into some higher barriers of acceptance with Apple than we ever have before. But we are almost there.

With the next versions of X3watch mobile apps, you can expect a better user interface, the web app of X3watch to provide universal account management, and all of the X3watch PREMIUM features functioning with excellence.

These updates are right around the corner. Your ability to be accountable using our software is our highest priority. As soon as X3watch PREMIUM is ready for mobile with far superior performance we will be the first ones to tell you. We anticipate these newer versions to be in the Google Play and the Itunes store on April 13, 2014.

Also, if you haven’t tried X3watch yet here’s a great time to do so! We have a limited amount of coupon codes avaiable to anyone buying the new version of X3watch Premium. You can get those here.

I really do appreciate your loyalty to X3watch and your generous support of XXXchurch.com. We couldn’t offer these resources without you.