I don’t normally watch Oprah. I am not in her book club but would love to be on her show one day. Not cause she is Oprah but because she has cornered the market speaking to women. I don’t know of anyone else with such a loyal audience. Today she talked about women and porn. She said nothing negative about porn. She talked about the difference between porn and erotica. She had Jenna Jameson on the show who talked about her time in the industry. I think overall besides Jenna’s honesty the show was pointless.  If anything she encouraged erotica and porn for women. If Oprah really had a connection with her audience, I think she would understand that so many of the women that watch her are dealing with the pain caused by pornography not the benefit of it. I am convinced that her audience would have more people that have been affected negatively by porn then positive. While today’s show was informative, she did not present the full story. There are enough people that would be willing to go on Oprah to share the other side of the story on her show. Enough women who are divorced because of their husbands porn addiction. Enough women who are not having sex with their spouse because of porn. Enough women to fill a whole month of shows. So, Oprah if you are reading. What are you waiting for? Your audience deserves to hear the other side of the story.

Just in case Oprah is not reading this blog. You can find Oprah on twitter at twitter.com/oprah or hit up her producer and try and convince them they need another show. The producer’s blog is here.

A few things  I thought were interesting about the show:

1 in 3 women are looking at porn

13 million women watch porn at least once a month

Jenna Jameson said “the moment you become a porn star you will always be a porn star.  I knew I was going to be a mother having to answer those questions. I don’t know exactly what I will say to my sons.”

That’s all I got. I got to go watch TMZ now to balance out my 1 hour watching Oprah.