We are back from Australia. An incredible time. We are headed back in February for the Brisbane Sexpo and some more good times. The podcast from our trip down under will be out next monday. If you did not figure it out yet, we release a new video podcast every other monday or tuesday if we can’t swing it mondays. We are going to be debuting some great things on the video podcast over the next few months including some archive footage of things that we never showed you much of. Some of them would include Unscripted ( that event with Stryper and pro wrestlers) Brandon’s trip to Pure Life and some of the Porn Debate Tour with my family and Ron. On top of the archives we have so much new stuff that 2009 will bring so keep watching.

If you have any ideas or things you want to see let us know and we will see what we can do. Stephen Rose will be joining the X3 team starting January as well. He is finishing school early and is headed to Vegas. Secretly, I think he wants to play in the World Series of Poker in the summer but he does not stand a chance yet.