Hey Everyone!

We have hit 110 in vegas already and it is only early June.  This summer at XXXchurch we have a few things happening. We thought we would share a few of them with you.

-X3pure is getting a whole new look and a whole new course or two or three. We will be launching a new x3pure.com with brand new workshops sometime this summer. We will have a MEN’S workshop, WOMEN’S workshop, COUPLE’S workshop and PARENT’S workshop. The men’s is centered around the new XXXchurch book that comes out this fall called “Pure Eyes” and is taught by author and speaker Steven Luff. The women’s is centered around the new XXXchurch book coming out called ” Pure Heart” and is taught by author and speaker Shellie R. Warren. The parents and the couples workshops are taught by our friends Dave and Ann Wilson and deal with a lot more then just sexual issues. The stuff is amazing and we will let you know when it is all out.

-X3watch is out on Androids and iPhones and iPad ( iPad launches this week). Check out www.x3watch.com for all the links on where to get the mobile versions. We have some news that we will roll out by end of the summer on the new desktop platforms for X3watch.  The new iPhone update will fix any crashing problem you might have had.

-PornSunday is under way. We have 35 churches registered so far. Register your church today at www.pornsunday.com. The event is FREE and it is February 6, 2011 which is Superbowl Sunday.

-The X3 video podcast is taking a break. We put out a new video every other week for two years. This summer we are going to be rolling out some different videos from time to time that we have been working. Keep checking the site and iTunes for those. The latest video that hit the site last night is a video about a woman’s struggle with porn. It is with speaker/write Anne Jackson. Check it out!

-The new Heartsupport site is now live. Check that out if you are struggling with any other types of addiction. Tell a friend.



P.S. You know we have over 15 bloggers now on the XXXchurch.com site? Keep checking back for new blogs posted all the time.