Hey Everyone,

Hope you summer is heating up. It is 106 degrees as I write this in Vegas. Here is what is coming at you in this update.

-Erotica LA is over and was incredible. We had a great team and you can read all about it here and watch the latest edition of XXXchurch.tv to see what happened in LA. We handed out over 4,000 bibles at the show. My wife got to go to Godchicks this weekend in LA which was a conference put on by the Oasis Church who hosted us for the LA show. She ran into one of our volunteers from the show who had brought a girl from the industry to the women’s conference. Friday night she accepted the Lord. What an incredible thing to be a part of. She was showing off her bible she got at the convention. Would love for you all to support to work we are doing and especially donate to the bible fund here.

– We are looking for two interns for the fall. We are looking for a female intern and a male intern willing to come to Vegas. Apply here.

-We had an incredible week of ministry here in Vegas. 8 strip clubs were visited, 1 brothel and some great meetings with some well connected people in Vegas amongst this industry. You will not believe some of the things that are happening. More details will roll out over here.

-If you have not been around the X3 site, we have added a few faces. We have several new bloggers that are writing for us. We will introduce you to each of them over the next few months. But get reading on the site, lots to see.

Fireworks went on sale today, time for some sparklers and snakes.