Be sure to check out the latest edition of and meet some of the team that is on the ground here in Vegas reaching out to the strip clubs and the brothels. One of our themes around here is “Just Show Up”. We are now doing some sort of outreach in these places at least three times a week and are seeing some great things. In a few weeks, we are going to share with all of you some ways that you can get behind this new ministry into these places. For updates and more about what we are doing in Vegas hit up

Some more quick updates:

-We will have a booth at the Gentleman’s Expo in Vegas August 23-26th. You can support this outreach by clicking here.

-We will be holding a volunteer meeting on August 3rd for those wanting to serve alongside us in Vegas. Get more information here.

-We have two intern spots left for the fall. One female and one male. Information is here.

-Follow us on twitter. Be number 4,000 and get a skateboard.

-Remember Shirley from “God Hates Fags”? She was on the podcast twice. Well, we are headed to Topeka Kansas to meet their whole family and you are all invited. This is part of the Jesus Loves You tour happening August 30-November 1. All the information is here.