On the latest “Dirty Little Secrets” Podcast you will hear from Wendy. She is the gal we told you about that recently left porn and needed some assistance from the Esther Fund. We were able to help her out because of all of your kind gifts and she was nice enough to come on the podcast. You can listen to the latest episode in iTunes. LISTEN TO IT, YOU WILL BE AMAZED. Here is a little something she sent us:

“PRAISE GOD !!!! You guys have no idea the day I’ve been having LOL Satan has been really trying to pull me down today but I’ve been kickin him to the curb:) My Monitor which I bought back when I had that easy money to throw away….was a 32” flat/widescreen for me to do webdesign and graphics on ….well it blew out, which meant no Internet which is huge in my household LOL mainly for my own connection with other Christians and more importantly you guys:)

But I ran down to where I have that spot at a local flea market and asked the owner who is a friend if he knew of any of the vendors who had a dirt cheap monitor so I’d have one until I find out how much it will cost to fix mine and get it fixed….well, HE had one himself and gave it to me for 10 bucks 🙂 So at least I am back online and in communication with what matters most to me right now:)

The phones went completely off and my job was calling my moms house to see if I could come in and work on my day off today…..I hated for them to have to call her house ! God is continually humbling me 🙂

Michelle,  I think I have the interview with X3 at 4:00 today for the podcast….if so, I’ll be here, phone is on and I’m ready 🙂

Thank you both so much for having such a love for Christ and hearts of a servant, you have no idea how getting me through this month financially has blessed me and my children:)

Love you!”