• 9 am – Wake up.
  • 9:01 am – Wonder when my spouse will leave the house.
  • 9:05-10 am – Do things around the house – encourage them to leave (need groceries, need errands done).
  • 10 am – Spouse leaves.
  • 10:01 am – 2 pm – Check that spouse is actually gone. Surf porn on TV – rotate between 5 channels to find what I like.
  • 2-3 pm – Clean house fast, make it look like I was hard at work all day.
  • 3-4 pm – Get ready for work.
  • 5pm-2 am – Work at adult entertainment club being surrounded by sex.
  • 2 am – Go home watch 10 minutes of porn before bed, spouse is asleep.
  • 2:15 am – Sneak into bed hoping I don’t wake him up.
  • 9 am – Start the day again.

So this used to be my day. Almost every minute consumed by how to get to porn, how to cover up what I was doing, justifying in my mind why I was doing it, and actively seeking it out.

It isn’t just the time in front of the TV or computer or DVD. It’s also how much time you spend thinking, planning, covering up and defending.

So, how much time do you actually spend on porn?