if you could learn anything about x3 watch what would it be-blogpost v3We just finished a series of posts on X3watch from 4 different members of our team. Each post shared 10 things you need to know about X3watch. We tried to address these from 4 different perspectives. If you missed any of those posts here they are below.

10 Things Part #1

10 Things Part #2

10 Things Part #3

10 Things Part #4

We also put together our 2014 year in review for X3watch that you can read online.

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Most common things people ask about:

We have posted below the most common questions that people have when using X3watch. Below is that list: If you need anything else that is not mentioned here or something that you can’t find check out our support site.

How to Whitelist and Blacklist websites

How do I recover my password?

How do I install X3watch?

What should I do after installing X3watch?

When are Instant Alerts sent to my partners?

How to Add/Remove Accountability Partners

How do I disable Safari on my iOS device?

How do I turn Instant Alerts off or on?

My Accountability Partners are not receiving reports.

How does website blocking work?



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