Internships are available with XXXchurch. The intern program
is set up through our parent organization Fireproof Ministries. Here is a little
bit more about the Fireproof Frontline Intern Program and an application.

Fireproof Frontline

We desire for you to use the
gifts that you have been created with. You have your thing that you are great
at and we want you to use those gifts on the Fireproof Ministries team. Frontline
is: designed to put you in a place where you can be used to your full potential,
a journey to better understand the gifts that have been given to you, an experience
that will put in places to use your talents, abilities and imagination in ministries
that are actively engaging the world, the place to start if you are interested
in working fulltime with Fireproof Ministries. This experience will change
the way you look at God and his world.

We understand that each of
you is unique and has an array of interests. Below are the endeavors of Fireproof
Ministries, headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Frontline experiences
are available in each unique ministry or venture. We want you to be connected
to the things that you are excited about. On the Frontline application, you
will be asked to choose where you would like to serve. Yes, you get to pick,
for we desire to place you where you are passionate. Frontline is designed
to give an experience that will propel you forward.

We embrace the challenge to
bring change and invite you to come and be a part of this adventure.

Who is it for?

This experience is designed
for men and women who desire to be leaders of the future. Frontline is an experience
in which ministry minded individuals who are gifted in arts and leadership
will be challenged holistically—in their gifts, entrepreneurial leadership
and character development. Through a learning and growth experience an individual
will have a new understanding of self and where God is using them in His world.

What types of skills
are needed?

Leadership, business, entrepreneur,
writing, speaking, graphic design, website development, code, film and production,
illustration, digital media illustration, photography, etc. A wide variety
of skill sets are needed so do not count yourself out if you are good at something
that is not on the list. You could be an asset to the Fireproof team if you
have one or many gifts.

When is it?

There are two programs available:

Three Month Program—This
is an intensive short-term program in which housing is provided but no financial
compensation is given. We ask that that participants dedicate themselves full-time.

Nine Month Program—This
is a long-term program in which housing and financial compensation is provided.
Participants may be part-time and may be in school and or have another form
of income.

Need college credit?

If college credit is needed,
we will work with your school to make this happen. If you are in need of taking
a few classes during your experience this can be worked out.

Application Process?

1) Please click
here to download the application and complete.

2) Gather your portfolio/sample
work—if this applies to you (art, writings, films, talks, teachings,

3) Send the application,
two references and sample work to [email protected].

Completed application must

  • Completed application.
  • Two reference forms.
  • Portfolio/sample work (art,
    writings, talks, teachings, etc.)

Once we receive your application,
we will contact you through email informing you if we will continue the application


Please email [email protected].