The Difted and XXXCHURCH interns are hear and in full force for Fall 07. The house is full and we even have a local working with us from right here in Grand Rapids. See we at Difted and X3 believe that interns should do more than get coffee and wash cars. We of course, would never call them Porn-terns. They are essential to the team. The X3 and Difted interns are helping with key projects, hanging out with Rex the rabbit, and of course making some great videos (see below).

May I introduce, in no particular order PJ hailing from Phoenix, Drew from the G-Rap and Chris from Maryland. Put a name with a face and check out their pics on Flickr. Also, if you are just aching to hear about their lives in full glory, enjoy their blog posts, pictures, video and writings on the their VIRB page. For all their blood, sweat and tears, that will happen in the future in front computers for way-too-many hours a day, we figure we start tradition and take them to a local theme park to celebrate.
And if you too are interested in this wonderful experience. We are taking applications for Winter/Spring and Summer 2008

We are in need of interns in the following areas:

/// Ministry

/// Marketing

/// Design

/// Web Development

/// Film

Check out the intern page for more info.