Had a great day in Belfast. Started off with an event at Queens College. Met a lot of great people and even a few people who came down from Dublin to catch the event. Spent the whole day with Stephen from Youth For Christ and some other people from the church. We gave them a hard time because they cooked the pancakes for “Porn and Pancakes” today. The event is not till Tuesday. Does not hurt to get prepared early. You can check out the pics in flickr to see where they have stored the pancakes.

This evening we headed over to Bangor for an event at a church. Over 250 people showed up tonight. A lot of young people. A band from over here played. They are called “Blue Tree”. Their drummer Pete is a fan of XXXchurch and recorded a video for me. You can check that out here.


After the talk met the guy who sent the original email to me years ago saying that I must come over to Ireland. I found out he has a few things in common with both me and Donny. He has a love for shoes. He was wearing pink ones tonight and actually owns more shoes then I do. 70 pairs of “trainers” is what he calls them. On the downside, he is headed to NYC this summer and can’t wait to shop at JC Pennys. He recorded this video for me especially for Donny.


I told the guys I would kill them on the blog for the pancakes. But great events so far and just good people. I am blown away of the reach of XXXchurch and what we are able to do with the Internet these days. It was so great meeting so many people that have been encouraged by the site.

This morning, Tuesday we had over 50 church leaders from all over Ireland come out for a Porn and Pancakes. The day old cold Pancakes were great. They taste fine cold. It was a great time talking to some of these church leaders. The thing I came away with was how scared many of them are to talk about porn and sex in church over here. They desperately want to but it sounds like it will take some time. At the airport headed to London…