Grab your popcorn, a loved one and hold on the Porn Debate airs FRIDAY at 11:35 PM EST on ABC. Head over to the ABC News website for details and a little video preview. Or watch the preview right here on our site in the video player.

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::: ITS ON! The Great Porn Debate is at Yale University. You all are invited to watch it unfold on ABC. The ABC News website will have the entire debate posted and Nightline will have short segments of it up one day after. Please tune in and watch watch the full story on Nightline, thursday, February 21 at 11:35 pm ET. Check it all out here.

The debate is at Sex Week at Yale with porn pastor Craig Gross and porn star Ron Jeremy. This debate will feature former porn producer Donny Pauling with Craig and a current actress in the porn industry with Ron.

Check out Nightline’s Martin Bashir promotional video for the debate.


Yesterday morning, the morning after the debate, I woke up feeling a sense of loss¦ a feeling of love that almost seems useless to have.

Don’t get me wrong, the debate was a blast. The experience was one I will remember for the rest of my life. But I was also reminded of the slave I used to be as I spoke with two people still in that same bondage: Ron Jeremy and Monique Alexander.

Ron, I can’t help but love that guy to pieces. There is just something about him in person that just makes you want to squeeze him like a Teddy Bear. He can be a bit vulgar at times, and still I can’t help wanting to put my arm around his shoulder. Monique Alexander is a beautiful 25 year old porn star that has been in the business for 7 years. She, too, is very likable. My heart breaks for both of them because I know what it feels like to be in their shoes when the lights go off and the crowds go away.

I don’t want to go too deep, because I think you’ll do better to wait until the debate airs and experience for yourself what I’m talking about. But I do want to warn you: DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT watch it with children. I’m sure Nightline will bleep out certain words, but very frank porn terms will no doubt make their way into the finished product. Porn realities were discussed with no holds barred. Some adults may even want to consider whether or not they REALLY want to know what they’ll hear from that debate. Personally, I think the story needs to be heard, but if I tell you all this you can’t come to me later and say I didn’t warn you.

I prayed before the debate that God would guide what I said and let His words be heard. I prayed the same for Craig Gross as well. I sure hope that’s what happened.

The debate airs this coming Friday night (February 22nd) at 11:35 pm on Nightline ABC. The time should be the same no matter where you live. An hour and a half of discussion will be edited to about 20 minutes, but I’m told the website will have the full debate beginning on Thursday and concluding Friday.

It will be a learning experience if should you choose to watch.