I just watched this incredible video online. Check it out:


A little bit about this from my friend Tony:

When we founded Unearthed, we had our hearts set on producing a documentary that would expose the mechanics of the global sex trade. For a solid year, we traveled, filmed, raided brothels, rescued victims and had our hearts crushed by the magnitude of sexual brokenness that surrounded us. You can watch some of that work here.

When it came time to edit the film, we decided that the last thing the world needed was another depressing documentary that explained how badly sex trafficking sucked.  So, we pulled the plug on our film. We prayed, we waited and we listened.  

Men perpetuate the demand in sex slavery.

Take porn for example: a 97 billion dollar per year industry that’s got 80% of men and 35% of women in our churches ensnared. Americans spend so much on porn each year that it breaks down to $50 per person…and we only account for only 14% of the global porn share.  

Jacob’s story isn’t an isolated incident. Jesus is continually transforming abusers into protectors; addicts into free men and traffickers into rescuers. Over the next year, we’re creating a film called “The Hearts of Men.” It’s a raw, unfiltered examination of how sin distorted sex, who’s affected and how the Gospel changes all of it. We know that to win this war, we need to engage men…and right now they aren’t just asleep on the battlefield. They’re fornicating on it. A generation of God’s sons need to be reminded who they are in Christ; chosen, washed, sanctified and justified. 

Men, you’re perpetuating the global sex trade…and we’re coming after you, in love…because we know that when the Gospel changes you, everything changes.

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