For years people have said we do not
have enough Jesus on the I want all of you to take
notice to the center boxes on the home page right now. It is all about

1. Jesus Loves Porn Stars Bibles. We have a blurb about the outreach
at the porn show that is coming up where we will hand out some of our
new Bibles.

2. Starving Jesus. A new outreach that includes a book, a movie, and a 40 day tour coming this August.

3. A crazy picture with our very own JR next to a hell is real sign
on the side of the road. If you dare to click on that box, you will be
taken to the X3Jesus page to see what it is we really believe.

So, yes this is still the #1 christian porn site but this particular
week we have a lot of Jesus. As Mike would say or better yet as Mike
Foster would once sing…In the morning when I rise, Give me Jesus,
Give me Jesus, Give me Jesus, You can have all this world but….I
don’t remember the rest but next time you see Mike Foster have him sing
it for you.