Christian Audio is running a special from November 16-18th. You can get the full audiobook of Jesus Loves You this I know for only .99.

Craig Gross & Jason Harper: Jesus Loves You…This I Know (audio book, MP3, CD) –


Here is an email I got about the book….

As a skeptic of religion in general, my friend encouraged me to
take a gander at his pre-release copy. With angst, I read the first
chapter and was moved by the gut level honesty that the authors wrote
with. I have never heard christians own their mistakes, as the authors
did, by openly discussing the mis-management of their movement since
the first millennium.

Like the above poster, two stories were
worth my time (since I got a free read from a borrow). First, I was
drawn by the chapter called Jesus Loves the Skeptic. Gross and Harper
describe their dinner conversation with a person filled with cynicism
and skeptical perceptions of christians. Rather than arguing dogma, the
authors described their patient dialog that led to a deeper
understanding. As a skeptic, this moved me to understand more of what I
needed to see.

Last, was the Jesus Loves the Outcast. I, a self
professed outcast, realized that my issues weren’t with Jesus, just
some of his people.
I gave the book back to my friend, in which he said, “pay it forward.”

I have a friend who I WANT to read it. I hope it impacts her the way it moved me.

Still searching, but closer.

– David