From the beginning XXXchurch has been designed for one thing, help people get accountable. We are of course Christ centered so along the “accountability path” we hope people find Christ or rekindle a relationship with Him that has been buried under the weight of porn. We do several outreaches’ a year from porn shows to porn and pancakes and the occasional porn debate with noted porn star Ron Jeremy. All are a good time. Internally we see the fruit of the effort in the most unusual ways and this gives us gas to keep pushing the envelope.

The one event that defines XXXchurch is National Porn Sunday. Our way to help the church become accountable with the issues surrounding porn. We believe passionately it’s possible for the American church to find accountability and subsequently help the industry looses its grip on those who are prone to wander into the arms of porn.

With that said… We have a tendency to shine the spotlight on the problem way too often. Not giving anyone a chance to see that our day to day is filled with people who have fallen away from porn, weather struggling or making coin from the industry. We see people find freedom all the time! It is truly humbling to watch God transform people’s lives right in front of us.

Yet… sometimes we sit back look at the porn landscape and shake our heads, thinking we aint getting it done. We worry about the 40 million people that look at porn daily or the 54% of pastors who make this Americas dirty little secret and the 23% of Christian families who say it’s a big problem in their homes.

But… we do see freedom… We see the families. We see the churches. We see the individuals who make it out. The McGuiness’s, the Tyler’s, the pastor Stu’s who heal from porn and turn around and help others because Christ lives in them. Not to mention those who made the business, business, like the Donny’s or the Chris’s or my very good friend Gerald who is tempted sometimes daily by the cash that flows like a river out of the porn world. Yet he knows the sweet taste of freedom. And… I cant forget the already 200 plus churches who have done a National Porn Sunday. Helping the church move away from the problem and closer to freedom.

We do need a national day of porn. A day that says freedom aint as far away as you think. A day the family can talk about it and not hide. A day that pastors take opportunity and urge everyone to look at what they’re looking at and ask everyone “pony up! Take responsibility and help one another.”

I personally urge every church on October 7, 2007 regardless if you have programming or not. Stop down… take about porn. We’ve made it easy. Check out it’s all there. No sell here… just you and I taking a few minutes and talking about the freedom God makes available to everyone.

National Porn Sunday, October 7, 2007