In January we took our team to AVN Adult Expo for the twelfth year in a row to tell people one simple message … Jesus loves them. This year we tried something new and gave out free T-shirts that said Jesus Loves Porn Stars. These were T-shirts we silk screened right there on the floor of the convention. It was quite the crowd pleaser and attracted a lot of attention.

You might wonder why we would do something like this. Why go through the aggravation of setting up a full screen press, dryer, etc? The reason is the same as why we go to the conventions in the first place. It’s the same as why we hand out Bibles and stickers that say “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” instead of just “Jesus Loves You.”

We want to start conversations and engage people.

We want to build relationships.

You see, when we go into a convention we don’t go in with some sort of big agenda. We don’t walk into these places thinking we need to “win” people to Jesus. We just go.

We show up and tell people Jesus loves them. That’s it.

And sometimes the conversation ends there, but often it goes deeper. Either way we are happy because we are engaging people and starting conversations that wouldn’t have occurred if we weren’t there in the first place.

We “go” because that’s what Jesus did.