The latest podcast has hit the site #42 KARAOKEXXX. It might make little sense when you watch the episode but read this post and you will be a little more clued in to why we go to places like this and do the things we do.

So, there is something called Porn Star karaoke in LA and now Karaoke XXX in Vegas. Our friend Pete invited us to check it out and the team has gone for a while now. After weeks of going, we were asked to host the night.

One of the ladies that we have met there writes a blog called “sincitysexblog” which she talks about all things XXX in vegas. Here is her blog post about her encounter with our team:

Last night Ash and I headed out to Brando’s Bar and Grill for Karaoke XXX, our new favorite Tuesday night outing.

This event, which launched back in the beginning of December, has been a hit. Porn stars and locals pack themselves into this tiny locals’ bar to drink cheap drinks (ladies drink free from 9-10pm and after that a vodka tonic is just $2) and sing karaoke.

We have met some great people at this event. Bartenders, locals who were frequenters of Brando’s long before Karaoke XXX and porn stars.

Last night we reunited with some people we met a long time ago at The Velvet Lion. Joy, Betsy and Jessica from XXX Church came out to join in the festivities. At first it’s hard to know how to talk to these girls. They are Christians. Do they have an agenda? Are they going to try to preach to all the “sinners” in the building? How could they possibly enjoy themselves in a place with all this going on?

Quite shockingly, these girls are pretty awesome. Ash and I spent quite a bit of time talking with Joy and Betsy and they are super nice, smart girls, who aren’t interested in preaching anything but the fact that they are there to help girls in bad situations. They are not telling girls to stop performing in adult films, they are not telling girls to stop stripping, they aren’t even telling girls to stop prostituting. Instead they are trying to better these girls’ lives by cleaning up brothels – which they did last November when they went into a brothel in Ely, Nevada. They did some reconstruction to the girls’ living areas. They painted the walls, provided new bedding and a bunch of other stuff. They went to AEE, and Joy was telling us how she sat in the bathroom and as girls came in she offered to poof their hair or touch up their makeup. They give cupcakes out to the girls at strip clubs and just try to be kind and giving to people in the adult industry.

As someone who grew up in a very religious house, I tend to reject anything Jesus related. The people I come in contact with on this level usually rub me the wrong way and end up pushing me further and further away from anything religious.

With these girls, it was totally different. Ash even made the comment, “It seems like every religious group should be more like you guys.” I totally agree. Never once did they try to preach nor did they make us feel uncomfortable or judged.

I may not agree with everything these girls or XXX Church believes in. But when they’re hanging out, drinking, talking about sex and telling us stories about how they have helped a girl in the adult industry better her life – not by getting out of the industry, but by helping them pay their bills or giving them new bedding or just giving out cupcakes – its hard to judge them when I never once felt judged by them.

xoxo Lilith Diana
Sin City Sex Blog