Hey Everyone!

So, a good friend of mine Steven Luff has been leading a men’s group in Los Angeles for the past two plus years. It was started at Oasis Church and it looks like we will be expanding the group over the next few months to a second location. If you live in Los Angeles and want more info email [email protected] and Steven will get back with you. We are pretty excited about what is happening and hope to even expand these groups beyond Los Angeles at some point.

Steven and I wrote a new book for men called Pure Eyes… A Man’s guide to Sexual Integrity”

We are so excited about this book and the effect it will have on men and families all over the place. I was shocked when I got my finished copy in the mail to read some of the endoursments from people we highly regard. Here are a few of them:

“Craig and Steven are pathfinders, and if you will follow them, you will find the real life of a man. I hope you will jump in with both feet and start walking. And when you are tempted to stop, I pray you will stay the course.”–from the foreword by Stephen Arterburn, coauthor of Every Man’s Battle

“No one I know of is as current and articulate on the subject of sexual integrity as Craig Gross. Pure Eyes is pure power for the man who wants to be free. Honest. Cutting edge. Authentic. REALLY practical!”--Kenny Luck, men’s pastor, Saddleback Church; author of the God’s Man book series; founder, Every Man Ministries

“As Christians, we’ve barely scratched the surface on a topic that is wrecking so many lives right now. I am encouraged and challenged to see Craig and Steven write such a vital, honest book like Pure Eyes. May they continue to speak truth into the darkness that is lust.”–Jonathan Acuff, blogger; author of Stuff Christians Like

“When it comes to porn addiction, Craig Gross and Steven Luff know what they’re talking about. They respect the power of this tyrannical beast and–better yet–they understand how to defeat it. You’ll find no naive Sunday school bromides here. Pure Eyes contains practical advice for the Christian guy who is serious about reclaiming his sexual integrity.”–Nate Larkin, founder of the Samson Society; author of Samson and the Pirate Monks: Calling Men to Authentic Friendship

“Sex is a gift from God. When this gift is misused, it’s either enslaving or heartbreaking–often it’s both. As a pastor I’ve seen many people struggle with the destructive results of an addiction to pornography. Craig Gross and Steven Luff have written a book, Pure Eyes, that provides hope, acceptance, clarity, strength, and freedom on the road to wholeness. Every Christian leader–wait, every Christian–wait, every person–needs to read this extremely honest and valuable resource.” –Pastor Philip Wagner, Oasis Church, Los Angeles, CA

“In my line of work (hip-hop), the overly sexualized culture lends itself to anything but purity; it’s a world that prides itself on misogyny and sexual exploitation. I’ve been honored to stand beside XXXchurch.com and see the practical and real answers that they provide. It’s my pleasure to introduce and endorse what they are doing with this book. I can’t tell you how many emails and letters I’ve been able to forward to them knowing that those struggling with this can find real help for this issue. I know that this book will be able to provide the same kind of practical help that they stand for.”–Jonah Sorrentino (KJ-52), hip-hop artist


You can purchase the book online or wherever books are sold.

* Steven has been posting some exeprts from the book on the men’s blog on XXXchurch. You can see some of the postings by clicking HERE.