Recently GQ put out a blog entitled 10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Watching Porn. Whether or not you are a GQ fan (and this is not a shot at GQ), you have to admit that this seems like a pretty bold commentary coming from a fashion magazine that often uses sexuality in their marketing and advertising strategies themselves. That being said, while GQ “gets it” there are still 1,000’s of churches and Christians in general who don’t. 

I find it baffling that GQ is willing to come out on this issue at the risk of offending some of their readers but many churches still refuse to even mention the “p” word from the pulpit. Are we that worried about the repercussions of pointing out the elephant in the pew that we need to rely on a men’s fashion magazine to do the work for us? 

Regardless, I think you should check out this article.  It makes some great points and  while I may or may not agree all the time with GQ’s fashion recommendations, I certainly give them a thumb’s up here. Way to go GQ!