is always on the move to keep up with new things as they develop and we have changed to accommodate. One of the things I get asked often in emails at [email protected] is do you have any content in a different language.

It is our mission to shine the light where dark exists and bring accountability to everyone who struggles with sexual sin. One of the barriers for us to reach everyone is language. In an attempt to break down that barrier and to reach as many as we can, we are looking into different ways to communicate with people who speak different languages.

Currently we are looking at an option for people to read our blogs in a different language. Right now this would be an experiment for us in hopes of continuing our mission of bringing accountability to everyone.

We do you need your help though. What we are asking you for is what language would provide the most extended reach for people? What would you like to see as a language option on the site?

You can either leave a comment here or you can send it to us at [email protected].

Brian Mac