You can’t blame the dark for being dark. Blame the light for not shining on the dark.

Last week I went to a brothel that is about a hour away from my house. I went with my old pastor from California. I am not stupid or going to go by myself. Something amazing happened.

I learned a lot this past year. Something amazing happens when you just SHOW UP. That has been our theme, our tag line, our mission for moving our ministry to Las Vegas and a theme I hope to carry out the rest of my life. God cant use you when you are not willing to SHOW UP. He can and wants to use all of us but you have to make that choice to get off the sidelines and on to the field.

What happened at the brothel is only the beginning to what I hope and pray is an incredible ministry in 2009 and the years to come.

Enjoy Dick Clark, Ryan Seacrest or Carson Daily whoever you are watching bring in the New Year.