Some of you might know that the parent organization to XXXchurch is called Fireproof Ministries. I started Fireproof in 1999 with my best friend Jake Larson. Next month will be our 12th year in ministry with Fireproof. Starting Fireproof was one of the scariest things I have ever done but the most rewarding. Jake and I both have ministry degrees but were not educated on how to do things on our own. Over the last 11 years I have enjoyed working with others to launch new non profits and to share some of our knowledge and experiences. We have decided to invite a few people to Vegas who are in the middle of launching their own non profit or about to launch. The gathering will be in Vegas from May 2-4, 2010. More information can be found at


Fireproof Ministries exists to win people to the Lord as well as train and develop people to meet the unmet needs of the world through culturally relevant programs and ideas.

Fireproof was started by Craig Gross and Jake Larson in January of 1999. Best friends since high school, Craig and Jake felt a call to ministry at an early age. They created a speaking ministry called Craig and Jake LIVE and then began Fireproof Ministries so they can take the ministry to a full time basis.

Years late Fireproof Ministries became a launching pad for new nontraditional ministries and projects.

Fireproof Ministries has launched several new ministry projects over the last ten years. – 2002

Rebuilt Records – 2004

Difted – 2006

Heart Support – 2007

Strip Church – 2008

Fireproof Ministries has worked with a number of other great people and ministries along the way including TWLOHA , Dave The Horn Guy and the Jesus Loves You Project.

Every week we receive emails to our ministry from people who want or are starting a non profit. They are not starting a church but some other kind of ministry and are looking for advice, instructions, direction and so much more.

After 11 years of full time ministry, we decided it is about time to do something. We don’t know it all but have experienced quite a lot over the last 11 years. We have done ministry on a small scale and on a international level as well.

During launch501c3 we will share with you as much as we possibly can. Some of the initial ideas are listed below. On your registration form please also list anything that you are hoping to hear.

***** Prior to launch – the idea, the strategy, the mission.

***** Forming a Non Profit – Lawyers or Online

*****Choosing a Board of Directors – Why and Who

*****Your first year in ministry

*****Taxes, Rules, Requirements, Audits, 990, – All the fun stuff

*****The best software/programs your ministry can’t live with out –

*****Making and Balancing a Budget.

*****Web 2.0 – Social Networks, Video, Web and so much more

*****Expansion – Outsourcing, staff and interns.

*****Income – Donations, income streams, products

*More to come

Craig Gross will be the leader at Launch501c3. You will be able to meet most of the Fireproof team, some of our current board of directors and hear from other ministry leaders, creatives, accountants, grant writers, board members and more.

Jake Larson and Rob Supan from the Fireproof board of directors will be sharing. Ryan Russell from our staff will be sharing.

Jamie Tworkowski from TWLOHA will be sharing.