On Sunday, Mike, myself and Shelley Lubben (X porn star) went to Las Vegas
and met with Trinity. We are overwhelmed by the support of all of you who donated
close to 12k so far for this project in less then a week. We have a little
ways to go on the funds, but we will get there. As soon as we got to Vegas,
we went to Budget and rented a big moving truck to make the trip to Indiana.

Once we got to Trinity’s house we delivered some flowers, a balloon and brought
a cake with us to celebrate this big day. Trinity and Shelley had a good amount
of time to talk and hang out just the two of them. Part of the agreement we
made with Trinity was that she would be accountable to Shelley. Trinity is
in the Red tank top, for those of you wondering.

Before we at the cake we had a little meeting to discuss the agreement. We
wrote up something asking Trinity to commit to 3 things.

1. Leave the Porn Industry

2. Be accountable to Shelley and communicate with her and us here at XXXchurch.

3. Blog and update us and our ministry about here progress and her journey.

We committed to providing support financially and beyond for her as she gets
this new start on life. We all signed the agreement committing to these things.

Once everything was signed, we talked some more ate some cake and then started
loading up the truck. We can’t lie we did not load everything up! A little
while later we had to go to get Shelley back to the airport. Trinity is currently
on her way to Indiana. Please pray for her and her family.

View the last blog about Trinity.


Thanks again for everything…Craig

PS…Mike has all the video footage…he says he will cut together a video
if you guys would like to see it…