Going to the post office is always a gamble. Somtimes we get a slip in the box that says we have a package. Then we have to stand in a long line. Somedays there are checks from amazing supporters of the ministry. About once a week, there is a letter from someone in prison. I can easily spot these by now. I open most of the mail while I drive on the way to the office. By the time I get to the office, I have all the mail sorted even though that is not my job I still like looking at the mail we get. Jeanette took the keys and does this most days, but I still make my trips.

The letters from prison don’t get opened while I am driving. They actually sit on my desk unopened at home. I don’t take to the office but take to my house. These are not quick reads. Lately, I dont even want to open them. After my trip to jail last week, now there are faces along with these letters. I opened one today. Here is the first page of the letter. Going to write him back, any thoughts?