On Tuesday Craig and I taped 2 episodes of “Life Today” with James
Robison and his wife Betty. We hopped on the plane Tuesday morning and
headed out to Dallas, TX. Usually we don’t like to do Christian
television but this time we had a very specific plan. Also, James
Robison is darn good guy. He may not be everyones style but he is the
real deal and supports what we are doing at XXXchurch.

Well our plan was simply this. The first episode talk about our
ministry. Blah. Blah. Blah. But the second episode we brought our
friend Trinity who currently works in the porn industry. We are trying
to provide ways for Trinity and girls like her to leave the industry.
Many times it comes down to the basics. Jobs, education, figuring out
how to pay bills, and day care. Well Craig and I are trying to put
together plans for people in the porn industry to finally get out and
we need the help of people everywhere. We are calling it the “Trinity
Project” after our friend Trinity who is currently doing porn but would
like to get out.

The Life Today show broadcasts around the world into 100 million
homes and it made sense for us to share this new part of our ministry
with these folks and see if they would step up to the plate. Us church
folks do a pretty good job whining and complaining about the porn
industry but never do anything to really help solve the problem. This
is a very practical way people can help. If you don’t like someones
job, then find them another. In the book of James it says that “Faith
without works is dead.” Don’t you think it is time for all of us to get
to work and help girls who need help.

The shows will run sometime in September and you will be hearing a
lot more about the “Trinity Project.” Also, we would love to get your
feedback on this. What do you think?