People have been asking us for years if we are an actual church. I am not sure what they mean by “actual church” but am pretty sure we have always been a church without a weekly meeting. What people have been asking in other words is, “Do you guys have a weekly service?” Although we consistently have new videos, blogs, and speak at church services most weekends, we have never had an actual church service – UNTIL NOW. 

Starting November 4th XXXchurch will be live on Sundays. We will have a live experience online including worship music, teaching, and live chat. The services will be staffed with people from our team who will be ready to answer questions, assist you in responding to the message, and pray for you on the spot! The messages won’t necessarily be about porn but will connect with the theme and direction of for the month. Jake Larson will be teaching in November through a series titled, What Do I Do When…”

November 4th What Do I Do When…TEMPTED

November 11th What Do I Do When…I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO

November 18th What Do I Do When…I FEEL ALONE

November 25th What Do I Do When…I WANT TO GIVE UP

Don’t miss one of our 6 service times each Sunday:  7, 9, 11AM & 5, 7, 9PM PDT. Simply go to and join in with others for the 1 hour service.

One way you can help us get XXchurch LIVE started is by spreading the word to all your contacts. We need everyone to do 3 things:

Tweet it out.

Starting Nov. 4th XXXchurch will hv a 1 hour service online including worship, message, & live chat. Go to for more info

Post on Facebook.

Check it out. XXXchurch is starting a weekly service online starting November 4th. The service will include worship, message, and live chat. Spread the word and check out

Share XXXchurch LIVE with a blogger.

Have you heard about what XXXchurch is doing starting November 4th? They are starting an online church service every Sunday with worship, message, and live chat. I think it would be awesome if you could write about what they are doing and post it on your blog! Any help spreading the word would be great!

We will look forward to seeing you all there! Send any questions or if you want to help out to l[email protected].