Me too.

I struggle.

My struggle is lusting. 
The cootie shot I was given in 4th grade wore off and I was inflicted with a disease of selfish desire. 
I developed symptoms in middle school and the more hallways I walked the more I aimlessly meandered from my healthy innocence. Without a map I got lost staring with a dropped jaw and my misguided mind led me further from where I began.

Lusting after girls went from a bad habit to an addiction accompanied by websites, pop-up ads, and guilt filled nights. Many times I’ve tried to find remedies to cure this struggle, but before I could find one images would swiftly steal my eyes. Yet, nothing these eyes captured could gratify or leave me feeling alive.

Because after all, lust lies. (Tweet This!)  

It shows us what we think we want, not what we need, convincing us butts, breasts, and thighs can satisfy, but our wandering eyes lead us further from where hope is alive.

And isn’t that what our personal struggles do to us?

Our struggles attempt to convince us they can satisfy, but instead lead us further from the hope we wish to find; leaving us lost and searching. Each day we battle hurt and pain when all we want is to leave our struggle behind and finally step into peace. Yet, our struggle has no match for the overwhelming hope we so desperately want to find.

And the hope we so desperately wish to find is outstretched to us freely.

I’ve overdosed on objectifying more times than I can count, but I’ve traded this struggle in for the hope found in Jesus Christ. He took this struggle, grabbed my burdening baggage, and poured out His unending hope through His life, death, and resurrection.


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