X3groupsIn 2012 we started something new. It was called X3groups. For those of you who may not know, X3groups is our online accountability and support group program. When we started this program we weren’t sure if it would take off or not but we knew one thing. People who struggle with porn need support and accountability. What started out with three test groups and twelve participants has grown into a program that now offers twenty four weekly groups and has helped over seven hundred people.

We started X3groups with the desire to help anyone but in the beginning we only offered groups for men. In January we were finally able to launch our first X3group specifically for women. That group filled up so quick that we immediately knew we had to add more … and fast. What we have seen with our first women’s group has been awesome. The feedback has been consistently positive and everyone who’s joined the group has stayed with it.

I’m so stoked to say that on March 25th we will be launching our second X3group for women with more to come by mid-year. The space for these groups is limited so if you are a woman needing accountability and support you want to get in on this right away. This new group will be led by one of our bloggers, Emily, and will meet every Tuesday night at 7:30PM ET.

Don’t put this off. Ladies, you are not alone. Porn and sex addiction affects us all in one way or another. Decide to make a change and get in on this new group while there is still space.

Make sure you use discount code HALF at checkout to get 50% off your first month.

We all need support.

We all need accountability. (Tweet This)

We all need grace.

You can get all of these things in an X3group.


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