A challenging and exciting opportunity has again come our way via a generous supporter. For every donation we receive of $1,000 or more, it will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $25,000.  All qualifying donations must be dated before Dec. 31, 2011.

Here are some 2012 ministry goals that will be executed based on these donations:

       opening up 2 new international outreaches (So. Africa & Australia)

       buying 10,000 bibles to give away for free

       added FREE parent resources on XXXchurch.com

       developing 20 more local ministries to do outreach to local strip clubs (www.Stripchurch.com)

It’s like a double-down coupon on your gift!

Thank you for your ongoing support.

We say it all of the time but this ministry isn’t possible without you.

This safe and flexible option is the easiest way to give. This method allows you to schedule a recurring or one-time gift charged to either your debit or credit card. Here you can easily manage your giving amount and specify where the funds should be applied.


Have a paypal account here is another way that you can give online.



If you’d like to mail a donation, please make checks payable to:

PO Box 50048
Pasadena, CA 91115