Dirty Little Secrets #46. Should we go out on a limb and say the show is back
and this could be one of the finest shows yet. You will have to decide.

Here is the rundown. JR goes on this Christian radio show, they say things
like “foolish” and “unwise”. We post the episode on our Itunes podcast feed.
They invite us back on the show. We decline and invite the host “Tom” on our

We taped the show today. Hold on tight. We kind of tore into this guy, because
almost 5 years into this ministry we are kind of tired of defending our story
because when it comes down to it we are not called to defend our story.

If you don’t believe me listen to a message Rob Bell shared about how Jesus
puts it.

We just posted the show in Itunes. Tell your friends, your mom, your pastors,
DLS podcast is back. We will have a new show next week with Donny Pauling (Donavan
Phillips) So, hit subscribe on your itunes and post your comments here and
tell us what you thought.