Strip ChurchI am constantly blown away at how God orchestrates the women that come into contact with our ministry. We held another Strip Church Training this weekend, this time in Miami. Twenty-one women from Delaware to Indiana, to various areas in Florida, joined us this weekend to learn how to take the light of Christ into strip clubs in their cities.

Each women had a specific story of how God brought them to this training. One woman had a vision for this ministry five years in the making, and now this was her step forward. Some women fundraised and were provided the entire amount they needed to be here. One woman hadn’t even been on an airplane before, and chose to follow and trust God’s leading in this! Ultimately, all of these women have one common purpose and vision –  to love those who are often forgotten and judged.

We were so excited to meet them and hear their stories. This weekend, we had the opportunity to hear from Sandra Savage (founder of Belovedxxx) and Anny Donewald (founder of Eve’s Angels), two ladies with powerful testimonies of previously living a lifestyle of stripping, escorting and prostituting, and ultimately being redeemed and transformed by the power and love of God. Hearing their stories, and seeing where God has brought them is a reminder and a testament as to why we do what we do. Last night, 20 women went on an outreach to 18 different clubs around Miami to bring gifts and love to the dancers, waitresses, bouncers and managers. It has been an amazing weekend, and we are so anxious to watch the continuous workings God does through these women as they travel back home to their cities to begin the work He has called them to do.