I’m back from Kolkata, India and the trip was good. I went as a rep.
for XXXchurch, our mission consisted of working with kids in the Red
Light District, showing them hope and love through our actions;
repainting a few classrooms, teaching them some American tunes, and
just hanging with them and listening. We also were able to visit
Saanlap, a place where girls that were rescued from sex slavery now
reside in safety, getting an education and recovering mentally and
physically. These girls range in age from 8 on up, some of them have
babies, all of them have scars, emotionally and physically, we tried
our best to show them hope.

You can read up on our travels at http://missiontocalcutta.com . A short documentary of my footage from the trip is in the works and I
will let you all know when it is completed.  For now you can check out
pics from the trip taken by our main photographer Caleb Wilkerson, and
various others by going to: http://flickr.com/photos/missiontocalcutta. Thanks to all of you that prayed for us, and sent messages of encouragement.

El Clinto