The Dirty Little Secrets show we have all been talking about is now available. Podcast #99 features the return of Shirley from
If you did not listen to the show the first time we had her on, you
have to understand this lady and their so called cult of a church are
crazy. Enjoy #99!

Coming next monday, yes that is right next monday, episode #100
The Best and Worst of Dirty Little Secrets. This week and next, back to
back podcasts. September 1st the first video podcast is released. Head
on over to and get a sneek peak!

are holding a vision night for XXXchurch Las Vegas in November and you
are invited! This evening we will share the vision of XXXchurch Las
Vegas with the fine folks that care and are interested in supporting
this. The night will include a short presentation and dessert. X3 Staff
and Board members will be present. Space is limited so RSVP ASAP.

For anyone that is interested. If you are married bring your spouse, If
you are single come alone or bring a friend. The event is free but you
have to get yourself to Las Vegas and find a place to stay. If your
boss is a millionaire bring him or her.

When: Friday, November 14th, 2008. 8pm

Where: The Venetian Hotel Ballroom in Las Vegas

Send an email to [email protected] with your first and last name and mailing address and we will put your
down. On the email, let us know how many people are attending.

Feel free to book a room anywhere you like. We plan on having some time on Saturday to set up individual meetings
with different people to answer more questions and give some more

For more details go to:

See you in November,