It has been a crazy little week here at I just returned from NYC tonight.  I had the chance to go over to MSNBC and visit with Martin Bashir on his new show. We talked about the new commercial we just launched. Here is the link in case you missed the last post about “The Babysitter”.

While, I was in NYC the folks from the Joy Behar called because they were doing a show about women and porn. I found out May is “Masturbation Month”. We lined up a guest to go on the Joy Behar show that talked about her porn addiction. She shared on stage in Washington recently at a Porn and Pastries event. The sex therapist Joy had on seemed more of a joke as he talked about how good porn is for people.

A new billboard goes up tomorrow in Hollywood. We took the first billboard image and added a few things to it to make it a bit more Hollywood. I will post pictures once it is up. It will be up for at least two months at Sunset and Vine.

Here is the interview with Martin.