MTV aired and will continue to air a show called ” I am a porn addict”. The show was part of their documentary series called TRUE LIFE. We played a small roll on the show with a guy named Adam who we were able to spend some time with. Some things that we would recommend for anyone who is struggling are:

X3watch – Download it for FREE.

Safe Eyes – If you can’t get rid of your computer completely at least get a filter.

X3pure – An amazing 30 day workshop that you can do online.

Every Man’s Battle Workshop – A weekend event that will rock your world.

Pure Life Ministries- A 6 month live in program if you are in really deep.

On the show Adam was watching a video from our site that asks if YOU ARE ADDICTED?

There are good addiction tests all over the web that can help you
determine if you have unhealthy sexual behavior. We are not going to
attempt to reproduce those here, but will offer this simple definition
and challenge:

If your life is being controlled by your sexual desires and
activities, instead of YOU being in control of them, then you have a
sex addiction and should consider getting help.

Questions you can ask:

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself about the symptoms of sex addiction and its stages:
– Has a pattern of behavior (which we’ll define as “acting out”–for example, looking at pornography), gotten out of control?
– Has your acting out increased in frequency since a year ago?
– Has your acting out increased in intensity since a year ago? (For
example, maybe a year ago, you were enticed by a swimsuit magazine, and
now are not.)
– Have you tried to stop the “acting out” in the past, but not been successful?
– Has your acting out intruded into your financial life? (Have you spent your savings on prostitutes or pornography?)
– Has your acting out intruded into family life? (Have you, on many
occasions, spent valuable family time away from your family indulging
your sex addiction?)
– Has your acting out entailed personal, professional, or legal risk?
(If you have looked at porn on the job, had sex with a prostitute, or
had an affair, you have most likely created significant risk.)

If your are struggling…you are not alone. There are so many others that are going through or have been through it. Check out the CONFESSIONS page for some amazing stories.