If you did not listen to the radio show this past week, Mike and I
talked about how the saying “24-7 porn pipeline” came about. Mike used
to be in a praise band and he wrote a song called “24-7” thing. He also
wrote a song and performed ONE time a song called “The Hoochie Mama
Song”. Mike has asked me not to post the mp3 of the 24-7 thing song. I
told him I would not put the Mp3 on the site. It kills me but I will
not put it on the site. However, I am not the only one with a copy Mike!

I do have 1 copy of the Pulse Praise Band CD that I have just posted
for sale on an Ebay Auction. The bidding starts at .25cents.

Click here to go to my Ebay auction!

Happy Bidding!