she-has-a-name-facebook-part-2 Michelle wrote a great post the other day about how a college woman embarked on a porn career. The post is called “She Has A Name.” (It’s definitely worth the read) It’s been shared a ton of times and a lot of great reaction. We posted it in the Industry section of which is where we share any stories or videos or updates from porn show outreaches or industry people we work with.

In case you don’t know, there are two sides to our ministry. We’re not just for people who use porn; we’re also for people who make it. (Tweet This!) We want to help anyone who struggles, so we reach out to those in the industry. The reason? Oftentimes both groups of people share in the same conflict.

I get that some people who go on our site might not want to know about a porn show and the things we do there. I get that might be a trigger. Skip over that stuff if you want; we still have a desire to help in that arena, and so we’re going to keep doing it.

Here is where I have a hard time: people getting upset when we share a story of a porn star and use her name (and it’s only “her”; no one ever gets upset when we talk about male porn stars, but that’s another rant for another time). We put a name to an image or a .mov file and suddenly that becomes a real person with a heart and a soul. The porn producers on the internet want you to disconnect and just see these girls as .jpgs, but we refuse to accept that. What Michelle wrote is a huge foundation for what we do at We want to put a name to this so the next time you go searching for porn, you might remember that these aren’t bodies or a collection of genitals – these are real people.

One of the best things we hear over and over about our work in the industry is this very thing. The fact that we show real-life encounters of real people in the industry and show that they are real people. But there are still people who don’t get it, like the first comment on Michelle’s post:



Okay, listen to me for a second. The commenter’s username is “Tempted By Curiosity,” which suggests that you have an issue with curiosity. If that’s the case and your struggle, then might not be the place for you, because we’re going to talk honestly and get real on this site (Tweet This!) – and that might stir up curiosity in you. Sorry about that, but this industry is destroying real people, and we’re not going to paint over them just so we can make you feel better.

That said, I still think there’s a way we can all get along.

Read the articles.
Read the blogs.
Watch the videos we post with some of these actresses – and PAY ATTENTION TO THEM.

Our intent here is never to cause anyone to struggle, but if you are tempted by curiosity, then I say it’s time to stop being curious and to find out the truth. Rather than getting curious about what this woman looks like naked, get curious about who she is as a person. She’s someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, maybe even someone’s mother. She has a name and a destiny, and Jesus loves her just as much as He loves you. (Tweet This!)

Get curious about the right things and you just might find it helps you lose some of that curiosity about the wrong things. Who knows – learning the names of some of these women might be just the thing to help you find the freedom you’re actually looking for.

[Editor’s note: Before you start thinking that Craig is picking on one person with this post, the comment that spurred it has been upvoted six times as of this writing. The commenter’s sentiment is obviously wider than just that individual. Just chill.]


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