Many of you know that we started a site a few years back called

Yesterday we launched a brand new site. It has been a while. Look around and stay tuned for a lot more. We have a lot planned here at heartsupport.

heartsupport is community based online help for those struggling with all types of addictions, although we focus primarily on addictions to money, sex, internet, substances and food. At heartsupport we believe that everyone has a life story and that his or her story is unique. We also believe that there is strength in numbers. To know that you are not alone in life’s struggles and that someone else has been through what you are dealing with can be the greatest gift and relief.

Our hope for heartsupport is that the stories shared through the website will not only show people that they are not alone in their struggles, but also that they can empower those who read them to begin their recovery journey, and someday share their story as well.

Our first campaign will launch early fall dealing with the topic of sex.

Sex was once special… right?

Sex was once sacred… right?

We’ve all heard the saying WTF, but for once, we want to ask WHY not WHAT.

Coming this fall to heartsupport, an edgy call to bring abstinence back into the sex talk. All sorts of people are having sex. A lot can’t stop having it. Why not?

You can read about some of the other campaigns in the MOVE section of the site.

Share your story HERE and ask your questions HERE.

Check out the site and let us know what you think.